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Going to attempt my first update of a GTN 750 in my Saratoga. Seems you need to update 6 individual parts: Nav Data, Flight Charts, Obstacles, Safe Taxi, Base map and Terrain for an annual subscription fee of $1546.00. A) Does this sound about right for those who use Garmin's database Update subscription service any pitfalls to be aware of to keep this from becoming a real Cluster # ?
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Hi Darren,

Spoke with our mechanic and flight ops here, we use the update subscription service, and the fee you mentioned seems very high. The pricing list from Garmin can be found here. They list the annual subscription "PilotPak" for everything you wanted at $1229, and if you're willing to not have FliteCharts the price drops to $1039 (For the Americas). And if you are only flying in the US the price would drop to $999 for the package with FliteCharts (they don't offer the standard package without them).

If all you wanted to do is update your Nav Database, you could do that for as little as $299 (if all you wanted was the USA):

I understand if you want to update everything and use your 750 to its full potential, but the price you quoted seems a bit high still, especially if you do all your flying within the US.
I use the US (Fixed Wing) Database Bundle subscription for $599.00.  Since viewing charts on the 750 sucks, I’ll probably drop to the nav data only subscription for $299.