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Emergency AD - Bendix-King/Sandia Electronic AI's
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If you have a Bendix-King KI-300 or Sandia SAI-340A Electronic AI, you're grounded for IFR and night VFR because they're failing at an FAA-alarming rate, often without failure indications (red X's).  See the new Emergency AD 2020-18-51.


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Has anybody received a meaningful update from either Sandia or BendixKing about this?
All I am reading from BendixKing is that this is Sandia's problem while they're still advertising this product for the same $3,995 on as if nothing has happened.
All I am reading from Sandia is that they're working on the problem, and that post has remained unchanged since September 2020.
Am I the only one finding that a little odd?