What to do if aircraft is broken at field without a mechanic?
What do you do if your airplane breaks down at a field without a mechanic? How do you get someone to come take a look at it? Is there a service like Tow Boat for airplanes?
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Hi Ed,

It may not be a bad idea to ask around at the airport to see if there are any mechanics on the field. You would be surprised by the number of A&Ps there are out there that don't advertise the fact but are willing to do simple repairs to get you back in the air. The airport manager or other pilots on the field should be able to get you pointed in the right direction because chances are this isn't a new problem at an airport without a full time mechanic.

The other suggestions on here are good options as well.
If the distance is not too far from your home base, you could ask your shop or mechanic to come to the rescue, so to speak. Depending on the time of day, however, it may not be reasonable to expect same day service. It may involve a night's stay in a hotel or a rental car to get back home. In this case, you could offer to to transport a mechanic and his/her equipment and materials. In a case like this, it shouldn't cause a problem bringing your mechanic onto the field, but it wouldn't hurt to apprise the airport manager of your predicament.
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Mike Busch's SavvyBreakdown service provides that sort of assistance to their subscribers. See their web site for details.


Other than that, about all you can do is ask someone based at that field whom they'd call, and then pay time and expenses for that mechanic to travel to you and perform the work.