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I am preparing to purchase an Ipad Mini strictly for flying, with for now, a basic subscription to ForeFlight.
A question I have not seen asked is, if I get the basic Ipad Mini with 64GB, will I be able to realistically utilize an external memory device, instead of spending the extra for the upgraded internal memory.

Is anyone doing this?
How quickly does the new IOS interface with an external memory to be reliable in the aircraft?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated,
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I have ipad mini 5, 64GB with cellular. I download 5-6 surrounding states at a time because I don't fly all over the US. I also download everything in those states, VFR sectional including US with high resolution terrain and base maps, IFR low charts, terminal procedures, taxi diagrams, AFDs including several documents. I have cellular as I sometimes find myself without wifi access and want to download something else from foreflight as well as other aps, of which I have about 60 and I just updated to IOS 14.0.1. I regularly use my ipad for not only flying but personal and business. When connected to wifi, access to non-downloaded foreflight data is seamless and rapid. Foreflight has a PACK feature that when you plan a flight it notifies you it is ready to PACK (download) those items from your flight plan not already downloaded to the ipad simplifying chart readiness. I always carry a fully charged battery backup in my flight bag. I also subscribe to Jep charts, although because Jep pack all their elements in one file it doesn't take up too much memory.

I am currently at 42% capacity.
iPads do not work well with external memory devices. Get an iPad that has all the memory you expect to need. You can use Foreflight on a 64GB iPad, but you will be limited in the amount of geographical data you can download. Also, you won't have much room left for other things like music or movies.
Thank you Andy for all the info.
Thank you for the info.
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 I have a 128 GB iPad mini and with full US coverage, I have over 75 GB remaining.