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Warning - Aircraft Registration click bait
Warning about a company that will take your money by deception.  If you search "FAA Aircraft Registration" the first search result will be from ""

When you click on it it takes you to a form that contains all the information you need to provide information to the FAA.  As expected there is a fee collected (as one would expect from the FAA).

Bottom line, is this is a private company and the small print terms and conditions are that there are no refunds.  I wasn't looking for 'help' and I thought I was on a FAA page.

I rushed effort to change my registration address resulted in me loosing money to a company that got me there by deception.  I would advocate AOPA should challenge companies like this that are trapping users by deception.

Be careful out there folks.
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Hi Lonzo,

Thanks for posting this, as this is just another avenue to get the information out about this group charging exorbitant rates to do the same thing the you can do with the FAA for $5. While they do what they promise to, renew your registration, the way they go about it is misleading at best and they don't do anything to clear up the confusion.

AOPA Live did do a story on this a few years ago, and I know this topic has shown up in at least one issue of the ePilot newsletter. Here's the AOPA Live story.

I agree that everyone should be careful and verify who they are dealing with prior to paying anything. This company also likes to send out "renewal notices" that are very official looking just prior to when the actual notices come out from the FAA. Personally, I would recommend anyone that has used this service unwittingly, and feels that they were taken advantage of, to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

When in doubt give AOPA a call, the Pilot Information Center exists to help members with all sorts of questions, including those concerning aircraft registration renewals.
To echo Hoss, call the PIC if you have a question. I personally have advised many members not to use this service, and deal with the FAA directly. Most usually call in to confirm whether or not aircraft registration renewal fees really increased to $365 (the fee NAC charges). They, of course, have not, and are still only $5.

While Google searches, and the results pages, are out of the purview of AOPA, do be careful of what page you click to and land on. The National Aviation Center's web pages do not display the official FAA seal anywhere, and do have a disclaimer on each page (albeit on the very bottom) that they are a third party not affiliated with the FAA. Regardless, be careful of any links clicked as a result of a Google search. 

Keep in mind that any registration transaction with the FAA is $5, be it a new registration, or a registration renewal. No tax and certainly no shipping or handling charges. If you see any fee higher than $5, you may not be on the FAA web site -