Clarify relationship between AOPA and AOPA Finance...
Please clarify exactly what relationship exists between AOPA and AOPA Finance. I already understand that AOPA Finance acts as an intermediary between several  lenders it has relationships with, and AOPA member borrowers seeking to finance aircraft.

Is AOPA Finance a separate business entity that is privileged to use AOPA's name, or is it an in house entity that inherent to the AOPA membership organization?

Thank you.
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Just an FYI comment. I was looking to finance an Aerostar 601P and my first choice was AOPA Finance. What a mistake that was. There was very little to no follow up after the process was started. After not hearing back (telephone and email) from them for 10 days, I looked elsewhere and I'm glad I did. I saved over 1% on interest and the entire project went very smoothly with Air Fleet Capital. I'm closing today!!
AOPA Aviation Finance is an in-house entity under the AOPA membership organization; it is not a separate business entity. AOPA Aviation Finance provides loans to members looking to buy aircraft, upgrade equipment, start or continue a flying club, or flight train. As with any lending entity, AOPA Aviation Finance must check credit history prior to approving an aviation loan; not every member who applies will get approved. For more information email or visit