Requirements to get into a King Air
I am a new pilot with 220 hours.  All of my time up until now being in 172's, 182's, and my last 60 hours in a T206H.  We are already to the point where we would like more room.  For our usual trip and mission a King Air 200 or 250 seems to make the most sense.   I know I need to get my complex and multi knocked out but am curious about how many hours and what I could expect insurance to require if we do get serious about making a purchase?

Thanks for any help.
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Thanks Ron.  This is a helpful roadmap that helps point me in the right direction.
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You're going to have to build your experience progressively.  You won't get insured in a King Air until you have 100 or more hours in a light piston twin, and you won't get insured in a light piston twin until you have 100 or more hours in a retractable single.  So your next step should probably be into a C-210, Skylane RG, Beech Bonanza or the like to build some complex/high performance experience, and do your ME training and get into a twin for more ME experience.  I would suggest that going for a Bonanza and then a Baron would be a good path because Beech cockpits tend to be similar.  Also, be prepared for the insurer to want you to fly with a mentor pilot in the right seat for the first few months in the King Air.