Good Afternoon
Merry Christmas

I have a vexing problem with my autopilot.
The plane is perfectly trimmed while hand flying
When I engage the autopilot in heading (or other) mode the plane maintains heading but the ring wing is slightly higher than when hand flying .
We confirmed that the turn coordinator is level in the plane.
Stec is closed so we can't call them
Does any one know if there are any tweaks in the "box" ?
Thanks for any guidance
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Had the same problem with the Stec 65 in my Duke. No one could fix it, so I went to the factory in Mineral Wells. Techs checked and everything was wired per the prints (which is what my avionics shop said also). Their chief test pilot and I flew it and he diagnosed the problem in about five minutes. The yaw damper was wired backwards (to the print, but backwards). Went back to the factory, had the wires reversed and it flew fine. Supposedly the prints got changed, but yours may have been wired using the old prints.