new 2022 AOPA Sweepstakes aircraft is a Grumman AA-5B T-I-G-E-R !
I feel the need for speed !
wow! a new Tiger coming a-n-d, the Tom Cruise Top Gun Maverick sequel in the same year....
I've got about 400 hrs time in the 2-place AA-1A TR2, and about 50 hours in the 150hp AA-5 4-seat Traveler. Anybody want to comment on their Tiger aero-experiences ?
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42 years of Grumman ownership including an AA1B Yankee, AA5A Cheetah, GA-7 Cougar, and currently an AA5B Tiger -- somewhere around 4000 hours in those planes plus a bunch more training others including type checkouts and 10-day instrument rating courses.  Simple construction, easy to maintain, great handling, well-harmonized controls, and except for the Cougar (which isn't as fast as a Twin Comanche but a whole lot more comfortable and no nasty OEI characteristics)! far and away the best speed in their classes. And a really wonderful owners community.
Ron, is this post current is there really a sweepstakes no going for a tiger?
Hi Kevin,

Yes this post is current. AOPA's newest sweepstakes aircraft is a Grumman Tiger AA-5B. AOPA's article announcing this can be found here.

Hi Ron
Thanks for confirming the Sweepstakes and pointing me to the article. At this point you have to know I'm drooling at the idea of winning at plane. The donors are from my neighboring state, sure would be nice to have it come home back to New England. So, how does one get in on this sweepstakes or is it automatic by being a member?

C'mon folks! IT'S A TIGER! 😉

Sweeps Tiger with Stripes

I'm a terrible artist, so take this as merely a conception.  It needs proper stripes for the roof and door sides, me thinks.  And the belly should be white with an undulating border faded into the orange like the belly fur on a tiger. 😉  After all, if you look at the original Grumman Tiger advertising, it had a little “attitude” with a healthy dose of fun and tongue-in-cheek. Maybe a better artists than I could come up with a tiger-stripe paint scheme that would convey a little of that “attitude” and fun.  

OK, dumb idea 😞.  I'll go now and leave y'all to it…



Hey Kevin, visit for all the information about the Tiger, plus it has the official rules which will talk about eligibility requirements, and ways to enter the Sweepstakes (including automatic entries).