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Kids and inflatable seatbelts
We have a Cessna 206 with the inflatable amsafe lap belts.  From what little I have found it looks like they should not be used in conjunction with a car seat.  Does anyone have any good experience with these systems? Is there a minimum weight or height I should wait for until I put one of my kids in one? Should I disconnect it in order to use it with a car seat?
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Hi Taylor,

I've heard the same as you about not using those types of belts with car seats, but I can't find any guidance out there on the topic. I can imagine that having one of these go off when attached through a car seat would be bad. I would recommend reaching out directly to the manufacturer with your question about minimum height and weight to use the system safely. I would also recommend talking to them about use of the system with a car seat, especially if you're thinking about disconnecting the belt. Their contact information can be found here.

Amsafe does make an alternative to car seats for children when flying in aircraft, they call it the CARES. It does have occupant size requirements/limitations:

I hope this helps.
Thanks Hoss, I think I need to get one of these CARES harness'.  There is not enough info or communication out there to make me feel comfortable with any other options.