Top 4 aircraft purchased by first-time buyers in 2020
The results are in!

If you guessed the Cessna 320 Skyknight, the Cessna 411, the Commander 100 Darter, and the Bellanca Viking, have been flying under the hood with no safety pilot!

What if I told you the top 4 (compiled by AOPA Aviation Finance and based on financed purchases) were actually the Skyhawk, Skylane, Cherokee, and Beech 35 Bonanza? No surprise at all, right? All workhorses of the GA fleet for 60 years or more. By sheer numbers alone, the most produced, and thousands still flying today. That makes finding parts and service relatively easy.

And value. These models hold their value nicely, and have even appreciated recently. An owner could actually make a few dollars when it comes time to sell.

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