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ECI - Eddy Current Inspection mechanic needed
Hi all, 

I have a Piper Cherokee 140 with a 180 engine and constant speed prop. I have an AD (2009-22-03) that requires an ECI (eddy current inspection)  type inspection every 100 hours. I am the new owner of this plane and since I bought it at a dealer I was not able to ask the previous owner all the ins and outs of this airplane. 
That being said, I am located in Wisconsin, in the greater Milwaukee area. I have found 1 business that does eddy current inspections but most of the A&Ps I have talked to do not have the ability to do it. Does anyone know of any A&Ps that can do this type of inspection near my area?

Thank you and fly safe. 
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Hi Edward,

You do have an odd bird (a 140 with a Hartzell HC-C2YK prop).  You will probably not find many A&Ps that will have the equipment to do the ECI on your prop.  I have an Arrow with the same AD and I have Aircraft Specialists Inc (ASI) in Sellersburg, IN do my ECI.  ASI has a prop shop on the field.  Also, Hartzell Service Center in Piqua, OH will do the ECI, but you must be sure to be within the 7 year recommended prop overhaul period or they won't touch it.  Southern Indiana, just above Louisville, KY,  is probably too far for you to travel, so you should search for a prop shop closer to home, and I'm sure you will find someone to do the ECI.  If you cannot find anyone closer, call ASI @ (812) 246-4696 and ask for Jeff or Chris, and they can do the ECI in about two hours while you borrow their courtesy car for lunch..

Good luck.
Ed, you can also try the following link to the Cherokee type club: , or the Piper Flyer Association at:

I also recommend contacting Savvy Aviation, they may be able to help you find a local facility: 1-888-465-8038 (