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Aircraft Registration Status
AOPA's Pilot Information Center receives daily requests from members looking to check or confirm information regarding their aircraft registration status, or the status of an aircraft they are considering for purchase. FAA maintains this information on their publicly available web site at On the home page, just look for the 'Look Up N-Numbers' search feature on the top right of the page. Type in the N-number, without the N of course, and press 'Go'. You will then be taken to a page that contains all the specifics on the aircraft you are curious about. 

Information such as registration issue and expire dates, year, make, model, serial number, mode S oct and hex codes, type of registration, owner and address, and airworthiness certificate date. If the registration has expired, that is noted as well. On occasion, you might see a note indicating the registration status is in question with a phone number to call for more details.

This is just one more free tool you have at your disposal when considering an aircraft for purchase.