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Flying a twin (a Seneca III in this case) with one wing with a de-icing boot and one wing without
Does anyone have experience of this?
A Piper Seneca has de-icing boot from one wing removed for repair, can it be safely flown in that condition on a positioning flight to another airport where a new de-icing boot will be fitted?
Would it be legal?
How would flying with one wing with a boot and the other without affect the handling characteristics?
Thanks in advance
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Thank you for your prompt reply and useful links.
I would still appreciate to hear from anyone who has actually flown a twin (preferably a Seneca III) in this condition.
I don't want to be a test pilot and I don't think my A&P or IA can say for sure what the handling implications might be.
I would guess it should be flyable and at worst slightly assymetric, specially if the de-ice boot on the one wing isn't actually inflated, but it would be good to have some reassurance from someone who has done it.