Looking for reputable A&P in New Mexico (or western TX)

Hello! My husband has a Cessna 182 located in Artesia, NM and is looking for an A&P for annuals/maintenance.

Thank you in advance!

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AOPA receives this type of request on a regular basis. Believe it or not, finding an individual mechanic is not an easy task. Even if you checked the airman database and found a mechanic in or near your zip code, there is no guarantee that person 1. is still alive, 2. even works in the maintenance field, or 3. works close by (could be a shift foreman with Boeing in Seattle, for example).

The much easier way to search is to access AOPA's online Airport Directory here - 

and search for maintenance shops instead. The best approach is to start at your home base airport and look under the titles of ‘FBO’s' and ‘other businesses’. If you can find a shop or two, start there. If not, use the ‘nearby airports’ link to search surrounding airports the same way until you find a shop where you can have your maintenance completed.

Of course, if someone reads your post and is a local mechanic, or knows of one and responds, that works too!


Savvy Aviation maintains a network of maintenance facilities, A&P's and IA's for this type of request. Try contacting them at 1-888-465-8038 or www.savvyaviation.com.