I see that GAMI has received FAA approval for 611 more engines added to their Approved Model List (AML) to burn 100UL avgas. My Maule MX-7-180's Lycoming O-360-C1F is not on the list. I did a search for future plans to add more engines to the AML but came up empty. GAMI's website doesn't mention it. Does anyone know if more Lycoming engine models will be added? Also, I understand that the STC involves matching engine models and airframes. What's the plan for future additions to the AML in this regard?

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@Andrew Meranda
I just received the latest ePilot and the good news is that your M7-180 and my M5-235 will be approved for the GAMI lead free 100 octane.


The bad news is the GAMI folks state that they expect the price to be about what Europeans pay.  I did a quick look up for European pricing and the latest numbers were for June 2022.  After converting from Liters to Gallons and from EU$ to US$ it looks as if the GAMI 100 octane will cost about $12.80/gal.  Which is about $100/hr for your 180hp and $150 for my 235hp.

I don't know about you, but I am going to have to give a very hard look at the affordability of aircraft ownership at these prices. 





@Thomas Donnelly
We will just have to wait and see what the price turns out to be. It will be a while before 100UL is available in my vicinity but it's possible that I will land somewhere that has it. I plan to buy the STC from GAMI once their website is up. The most feasible way of distributing it will likely be by fuel truck. Most FBOs can't afford to put in separate tanks and pumps for it and I think they will be cautious at first to make sure they can sell 100UL.