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My plane has been out of annual for several years.  Mechanic who is working on it has completed the AD's but not the annual because a new prop has been ordered.  I want him to enter what he did for the ADs in the log books.  He says he cannot until he finishes the annual.  I have had trouble in the past when work was done and the mechanic left the business and did not enter his work in the log books.  Can I require that he enter his work done before he completes the annual?

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There is no legal requirement for a mechanic to make a logbook entry until they return the plane to service.  That said, if a mechanic leaves work unfinished, the mechanic should make an entry noting what was done, but stating that it is incomplete and the aircraft is not returned to service.  But until the mechanic either finishes the work or walks away from the job, there is no requirement to make progressive logbook entries, say, at the end of each day.


You can ask that the mechanic record completion of an AD in the log book if you are concerned proper records are not being kept at the maintenance facility to indicate to the IA who will ultimately sign off your aircraft to an airworthy condition that all appropriate AD's have been complied with. That would be between you and the mechanic and or maintenance facility. An alternative is to ensure the maintenance facility is keeping thorough records of all work being done in a file for future reference.