FAA Aircraft Registry backlog and extension requests

Yes, it really is as bad as you have heard, and yes, you will need to request an extension if you recently sent in registration documents or plan to do so in the near future.

As of today, the Registry is processing applications received on March 21, 2022. That is just about a week short of 6 months. You can check their processing date at any time on this web page - 

Accordingly, a newly filed application for registration (FAA form 8050-1) allows you to fly for 90 days. This was fine when the Registry was 60 days behind, but it is not enough time now.

The AOPA PIC has been reminding new owners for many months now that they will have to request an extension as they near the 90 day point. An extension request is made via an email contact form on this page - 

Please contact the PIC if you have any aircraft registration questions. 800-872-2672, option 1, then 2. M-F 830 am - 6 pm.

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@Daddis At AOPA
My latest instrument student got his permanent card yesterday – SEVEN MONTHS after mailing in the application and bill of sale.