New aircraft registration regulations in effect 1/23/2023

Effective yesterday, all registration certificates will now be valid for 7 years. Current registration certificates will be extended from 3 years to 7 years, from the original date of issuance. Newly issued registration certificates will reflect the 7-year expire date.

FAA is planning on mailing out approximately 27,000 updated registration certs., reflecting the new expire date, to owners whose certs. currently show expiring through May of this year. After that, amended registration certificates will be sent 5 months before the currently shown expiration date.

FAA will no longer issue letters of extension of authority to operate, as the regulation change also changed the validity of a temporary registration (8050-1 copy) from 90 days to 12 months; this includes an 8050-1 that was previously expired (past 90 days), as long as it is not more than a year old.

Registrations that expired prior to January 23, 2023 (essentially any expiration through 12-31-2022) are not grandfathered in and will not be receiving 4-year extensions. Those owners need to submit an 8050-1 and go through the normal process. 

Any questions, please contact the PIC. 800-872-2672, option 1, then 2, or