Panel upgrade financing: pros and cons

Hello, my partners and I co-own a Grumman Tiger.  It's due for an engine overhaul so we want to consider doing some needed upgrades to take advantage of the time it's in the shop.  We are considering grasping the nettle and going for a panel upgrade that would digitise our instrumentation and possibly even remove the need for a vacuum system.  It is both exciting and daunting.  I have noticed that financing services for panel upgrades are offered via AOPA but I would appreciate an overview of the pros and cons.  We have several possible means of funding a panel upgrade but are not opposed to financing it if there are advantages to doing so.  If we do this properly it will probably cost us around $60k so it's an important decision.  I do not know what the interest rates are, the terms of such loans and whether the airplane is used as security for the loan.  Before I find out more by actually filling in the application form on the AOPA web site, I'd greatly appreciate advice, counsel and regarding this method of financing and opinions for and against.  Many thanks.