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Good afternoon!
I am brand new to this process so please bare with me as I try to explain what has happened so far as I seek advice on how to proceed. I am wanting to enroll in a Commercial Flight Training Program, most likely ATP. This is a second career for me and I am 40 years old.

6/10/2019- Submitted MedXPress application for Airman Medical Certificate First Class
6/11/2019- Met with AME and was advised that taking 2 SSRI Medications will immediately disqualify me from eligibility for a Medical Certificate and that I would need to provide the FAA a letter of treatment from my Primary Care Physician.
7/2/2019- Received letter from FAA Stating I need to provide treatment history from my PCP.
7/23/2019- Met with PCP and advised I had stopped taking 1 of the disqualifying medications. Provided letter of treatment to the FAA.
8/7/2019- Received letter from the FAA stating I need a follow up evaluation from my PCP once I had been off the disqualifying medication for 90 days.
9/12/2019- Met with PCP and sent letter to FAA stating I was asymptomatic from discontinuing medication.
9/24/2019- Received letter from FAA stating that dues to my use of Sertraline, I was being referred to a HIMS AME. Enclosed was a request for copy of medical records to be sent to the HIMS AME.
9/25/2019- Submitted request for copy of medical records to be provided to closest HIMS AME.
10/23/2019- FAA sent letter explaining they have received my request for records.
12/12/2019- FAA sent letter indicating they had sent my records to the HIMS AME.
2/26/2020- FAA sent letter indicating that I have 30 days to provide the information from the HIMS AME.

Here is the problem. I have contacted the HIMS AME multiple times to schedule the appointment and have been told that I will be contacted by their office to schedule the appointment once he has time to review my records. This has yet to happen and I feel I am running out of time to provide what they have requested. I am seeking advice, guidance, support for getting this finished so I may begin training!
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First thing I'd do is document the scheduling problem in writing and send it to the FAA ASAP via registered letter or overnight delivery so their receipt is documented. Then (unless he shows up here first) contact Dr. Bruce Chien for further advice -- see www.aeromedicaldoc.com for contact information.
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Hi Nathaniel,

Ronald is on the right track with documenting your efforts and sharing the timeline you provided to the FAA. I would suggest that you give their medical division a call first thing in the morning when they open (8:30 AM CST) and let them know you've been trying to make the appointment but are not hearing back from the HIMS. They may be able to grant you an extension to complete the testing. You can reach them at (405) 954-4821.

If you have a difficult time reaching the FAA OKC Medical Division then you can try your Regional Flight Surgeon. Here's the link to their contact information: https://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/medical_certification/rfs/.
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if you have been on two antidepressives at once, you cannot use the SSRI pathway At ALL, ever.

the other difficulty is, if you have ever had a period in which you experienced 90. Days off meds,  followed by resumption, you will likely be interpreted by the FAA as having “recurrent disease that has recurred” and that gets denied, if not on meds.

on behalf of my HIMs AME colleague I apologize for his lack of review “speed”; we are all overloaded.