2nd Class Medical Duration
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I have a commercial certificate and 2nd class medical. I am over 40 years old.

My question is, if I'm currently not doing any flying that requires a commercial certificate, but conducting operations requiring a private pilot's certificate is my 2nd class medical valid for 24 months instead of 12. My interpretation of 61.23 part (d) leads me to think this is the case, but wanted to make sure not to violate a FAR.

Thank you
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Yes, your interpretation of that regulation is correct.  The only exception would be if you have a Special Issuance medical that has an explicit "not valid after" date in the Limitations section, that date typically one year after the examination was conducted.
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I fully agree with Ronald. Your 2nd Class privileges are valid for the 1st 12 months then it reverts to 3rd Class for the remaining 12 months unless it is a Special Issuance Medical.