Medical validity period upon getting my Commercial Pilots Licence
Answered By AOPA
Hi, if my medical certificate first class is valid until 2022 and I recently got my CPL. Does that mean my medical validity period is now only left with 12 calender months from the time I passed my commerical checkride? Thank you.
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AOPA Staff Answer
Ronal Levy is absolutely correct! The date of CPL has nothing to do with the medical privileges. If  under age 40 when you had your 1st Class FAA flight physical, the 1st Class privileges were valid for 12 months. If the medical certificate is not a special issuance, it then gives you 3rd Class privileges for the remaining 4 years.
Your medical validity date has nothing to do with your checkride date.  The only thing that matters is when you took that medical exam and what privileges you are exercising.  If you are in training, and not getting paid to fly, you need only Third Class privileges.  Your First Class medical is valid for Third Class privileges for 60 or 24 months from the date on that medical certificate depending on whether you were under or over age 40 the day you took the medical exam.  See 14 CFR 61.23(d) for details.