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I have arthritis in my spine, this is the result of a 1965 helicopter wreck in SE Asia. No not a accident, they were aiming at me, it has become worse as I grow older ( 77) and finally needs some pain management. The otho has prescribed Lidocaine patches of 5% does the use of this require reporting to the FAA? I have not tried it yet. Thanks
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As stated by Ron and Bruce there are some possible issues. While Lidocaine patches are on the "allowable" list, the answer isn't that cut and dry. First and foremost is that the FAA will be concerned as to why you need the patches and if there is a condition that limits your ability to pilot the aircraft. In addition if you currently have a Special Issuance for any other health condition you would need to self-ground and report the "change in your health/medication" to the FAA and await their approval. If you do not have a Special Issuance then you would report the use of the lidocaine patches on your next medical exam. The FAA will review your application and make a determination from there.
However,if you are currently flying under Basic Med, there is no medication database. It's use would be reported on your next exam, it is the pilots responsibility to self-certify that they are fit to fly.
There are some reports of getting really really crazy adsorbed blood lidocaine levels, and seizures, so the patches are Self grounded until the next day- that because the skin provides a continuous reservoir of the drug as it leaches into the circulation.  Hope you feel better.
Thomas Seybold:
The otho has prescribed Lidocaine patches of 5% does the use of this require reporting to the FAA? 

Yes, if you fill that prescription you will have to report it on your next medical application.  Whether the FAA allows you to fly while using it is another question to which I don't know the answer.  I have found some indications in web pages on lidocaine of possible allergic reactions as well as drowsiness, eyesight problems, and a few other things you wouldn't want to happen in the cockpit, so regardless of anything else, you probably wouldn't want to fly until you've been using the patches a while and know they don't have any aviation-unfriendly side effect in you.