Acoustic neuroma
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I was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma back in August 2018. The size of the tumor was 10x5x4 at the time of diagnosis(which is considered small). I just had my follow up MRI last week and the size of the tumor remains the same and no growth observed. I have poor hearing on the right ear (tumor side) but never had balance or vertigo issues. Since the tumor is not growing for the last 2 years observation, I have made a decision to watch it with yearly MRIs. Obviously, I stopped flying activities on initial diagnosis ( had a valid 3rd class medical at the time of diagnosis). Now, I would like to get back to flying. Please let me know what the process will be in this scenario to get a 3rd class/basic med. Thanks. 
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Hi Rajesh,
In your posting I see no mention of when your last medical exam was. Did this medical certificate naturally expire? You may qualify for Basic Med if your medical certificate was allowed to simply expire as opposed to be denied, revoked or suspended. Here is the web link for Basic Med
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Thank you all for taking the time to respond.  My last medical exam was in 2016 and it expired naturally. Sorry I didn't mention this in my original post.
Kinna outdated.

Basically the way FAA is going to view this is they want to see a current VNG and current consultation from an ENT.  Amazingly, BOTH nerves (left and right) have to be pretty intact. If the one on the side is partially affected you cannot certify.  But eventually when the one side gets dead enough, such that it cannot generalte vertiginous input. then you are certifiable again.

It's a bit of "is it healthy....or is it dead enough" on that side.

Since it's been less than five years since it was last treated with observation, block C applies, and it's an automatic deferral for a possible SI.  For more about how they will look at it, see page 9 of this FAA AME bulletin..