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HIMS psychiatrist
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Does anyone have recommendations for a HIMS trained psychiatrist to perform an FAA psych evaluation to meet the ssri pathway requirement? I live in south central Pennsylvania. Thanks!
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Dr. Bruce Chien is very familiar with this whole process. It would be best to talk to a HIMS AME to get a recommendation. FAA has a list of HIMS AMEs and neuropsychologists on their website but the list of psychiatrists and psychologists is not available. Here's the link to the HIMS AME list: .
No. The list is nearly classified.  The HIMS AMEs have it but we get decert’d if we publish it.
They can’t see you, anyways, until and unless a whole bunch of due diligence is done (FAA is protecting them) and chief among them are the entire FAA record, copy of which never passes through you custody.  It takes weeks to get.

the HiMS AMEs are also to insure that all your other conditions have been rendered serviceable prior to referral.....

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So how does this work, Bruce?  When you're ready, the FAA assigns one and notifies you who it is?
Oh well, just another one of the challenges of FAA special issuance! I’ll just have to be resourceful. Thanks, Dr. Chien.
Well if you go though the tree long enough (two rounds of application-demand response) you get a "Find a HIMS AME" letter. For whatever reason the agency decided to NOT published the identities of the 50 odd HIMS psychiatry consultants (I think to prevent Dr Shopping).  So you have to hire a  HIMS AME, who has been given a list of "due diligence" things he has to do B4 making the HIMS psychiatry referral.  FAA is protecting the 50 HIMS psychiatrists, as they are a precious resource.

The list of HIMS AMEs is on the "find an AME" page at and is in a little link at the bottom of the page.