BasicMed Refusal by Major Medical Group
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My PCP, having granted my BasicMed on 05 May 2017 right after it first became effective, has now refused further participation. I received the following from his staff yesterday, "As for the BasicMed pilot forms,,, I followed up with Dr XXXXX and he does not want to sign this due to liability." Cited in a previous conversation with this provider was reticence surrounding the final BasicMed clause, i.e. "... I am not aware of any medical condition that, as presently treated, could interfere with the individual's ability to safely operate an aircraft." Inasmuch as this provider is with one of the largest medical groups in the Pacific Northwest I must assume that the sanction extends to ALL "state-licensed physicians" in the network. This is becoming an increasing problem with BasicMed. (A) Who is tracking this data within AOPA and (B) what, if anything is being done to counter it?
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Ian thank you for bringing this to our attention. Here at AOPA we strive to educate the public and physicians as to not just what the Basic Med regulation requires but the role they play in performing the Basic Med medical examinations. 

In the event you are still searching for a physician to perform the exam, here is a web link to our Doctor finder page. These individuals have contacted AOPA and shown an interest in performing Basic Med examinations.

Not true, Ian. The trouble AMEs have is that we demonstrably know the standards, and are held to them in deposition.

So, I do rare Basic meds...these are the guys whose SI I have done over the years and I know their condition well, and I’ll do it with their latest that at the time I do it, the pilot also meets the federal medical std. such that Mr. “name them all and let God sort ‘em out” can go s-ck an egg...
Ronald Levy - sad but true.

Vampiress - Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm hearing more and more anecdotal stories regarding pilot's physicians unwilling to participate in BasicMed. I have also been told that AME candidates undergoing indoctrination training with FAA in Oklahoma are subjected to a pejorative narrative regarding BasicMed. 
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Ian McDonough:
...what, if anything is being done to counter it?

Invent a time machine and "retire" Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) before that law happened?  I'm just not seeing anything any of us can do to change this situation short of a game-changing tort reform bill at the Federal level.