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Forgot to place medical records on medical application...
Answered By AOPA
When I was completing the medical application for my 3rd class certificate I thought that the question about medical visits was for surgeries and/or major issues but I didn't realize that I had to place my last regular visit to my primary doctor for the regular annual physical and the last visit to my chiropractor for regular monthly adjustments (not related to any injury or medical issues). 

What do I do at this point? I tried to update/correct the application in Medxpress but the system didn't allow it as it was already submitted. 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions


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AOPA Staff Answer
The AME will be able to add the doctor visits to your application when you go in for your physical.
Just make sure the AME adds them....:)
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Remember that while you can have the AME update/add items in the office, once the AME hits the "submit" button after s/he's done, you're on the hook for whatever is there (or is not there but should be).  For the future, you might want to keep some sort of record of all doctor visits which you can use when filling out the 8500-8 next time.  I put all of mine in my Outlook Calendar (cross-decked to DejaOffice on my phone), coded as a "Medical" category.  Helps keep me straight when I do the form each year (I need Second Class, so it's an annual event).
Dr. Chien, one more question. In regards of my chiropractor monthly visits... would it be enough a detail letter from my Chiropractor Doctor explaining that this is just normal adjustments for maintenance purposes and not due to an illness? or will I open a can of worm with the FAA? 

Thank you in advance for you response.  
Although a letter helps, this is the sort of thing where if your usage is not excessive, most AMEs will simply accept your statement, "routine wellcare" for these visits.