Medical Third Class Vision Test
I have an appointment with my eye doctor two weeks before I renew my third class medical.  I always do better on my color vision test at my eye doctor than I do with the DME.  Is there an FAA form I can get my eye doctor to fill out after my eye exam that I can then take to my DME and have it stand as my eye exam?  Thanks.
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Well the eye doc will have to state which of the color dot tests you passed:
Ishihara 14 or 24
Richmond HRR
....for the AME to be able to use it.
Thank you!  I see the form expired 6/30/2020, but I assume it’s still the latest form out.
Notice that the form does not specify to the Ophthalmologist, how he made the color vision determination.   For it to be useful to the AME, he has to specify which of the allowable tests he used.
Thanks!  He always uses the ishihara test.  I forget how many plates.
Make sure he says that in Block 16, since there's no specific block for color vision.
Thanks again, Ronald.  The form does say it expires on 6/30/2020, but I am assuming there is no update to the form.
That's straight off the FAA's forms web site -- I just pulled the form.  If you look at that site, you'll see the page which guides you to the form along with the background on the publication:
It tells you if the publication is cancelled or superseded, like this:,Instructors%20and%20Ground%20Instructors%20(Cancelled)&text=Provides%20guidance%20for%20pilots%20and,contained%20in%20FAR%20Part%2061.