1st Class with history of anxiety, am I in the clear?

2018 I separated from the military medically because of asthma. Unfortunately, this was not what I had ever planned and due to this, I experienced some anxiety while transitioning out. Symptoms were mild with no SI or depression and no history of panic attacks.  

During a medical evaluation, the VA listed anxiety on a disability list along with asthma. 

Previous to my exit and VA rating, I obtained a 1st Class Med with asthma. 

Fast Foward to now: 

I’ve decided to get back into aviation and figured it would be best to make sure I could obtain a 1st Class Med with my current conditions. 

My AME cleared my previously reported asthma AND the past history of anxiety and issued my 1st class medical. 

Here is my dilemma:

In speaking with some pilot buddies, they were worried that the AME was too lackadaisical on my issuance. It is to their understanding that I should have been required to provide a large amount of documented medical history and findings. Without them, they believe I will now be sent the FAA’s “Request of Additional Information.” 

How likely is it that this will happen and are my friend's concerns valid based on my history. 

I’ll include a bit about the anxiety;

Past diagnosis of Anxiety
No SI, No panic attacks, no depression.
Counciling monthly.
No medications.

I’d like to add, my AME was extremely thorough in his history taking and description of my appearance as well as cognitive presentation. 

If it is likely that I’ll be asked for more information, what should I begin preparing for?

Should I be expecting a maze of hoops to jump through for something like this despite my issuance? 

Thanks in advance for help and I hope this helps others in my type of situation!  
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A LOT of folks have anxiety (hey we've got fires flood, pestilence, drought so we're four for seven,  oh and plus recession) .  The question is, is there an anxiety disorder which is maladaptive or in need of treatment.  You have a good AME.  He was trying to delineate exactly that.
Thank you for your response! I can't seem to find much information regarding anxiety and how the FAA goes about cases such as mine. Its been about three working weeks since my AME submitted my medical, I'd hope that if they had anything to say, I'd be seeing that in the mail already or soon! Once again, I appreciate the response!
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Since the AME issued the certificate, my suggestion is to sight tight and go about your flying business.  Either the FAA will say something, or they won't, and it won't be but a few weeks after your application was submitted before they'll say something if they have something to say.  No sense stirring the pot until it needs stirring.