After 60 days can I still expect a follow up from FAA re: question 18?
Hi I took my 3rd class medical in July with a reputable AMEwith many years of experience.I had one alcohol related driving offense ten years ago and 21 years ago I had an arrest but it was a bogus charge, which was completely dropped and no action was taken against my license. I disclosed everything on question 18 about both of these as required but I made it clear that the older one shouldn’t count against me as i was not impaired and the court agreed and dropped it. I have no history of abuse. The AME passed me but said the FAA had 60 days to review it if they wanted to challenge it. 60 days has come and gone can I stop worrying every time I check the mail now ? 
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I have been copied on redirects as late as 275 days.  They are not "prompt".
"The FAA quality assurance division has become aware of.....please within 60 days from the date of this letter send......If no reply is received we will deny or ....."

Thanks for your reply. I had my court papers w me from the one 10 yr old offense at the exam. BAC was lower than .15 . I didn’t have the paperwork from the 21 year old arrest but it was dropped and no administrative action was taken. I blew zeros three times. And it’s very very old.
   You said “their burden is higher” after 60 days. Is there any reason I need to continue to be concerned about a follow up or is it likely it’s been reviewed at this point? Thanks again.
It takes a mean of 11 day for a letter to reach you.

However,  the 60 day limit does not mean the can’t make just means their burden is higher.."