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Can I get Class 3 Medical with 2 stents done 15 years ago?
Answered By AOPA
Other than 2 artificial knees and 2 stents I had put in about 15 years ago for blocked arteries, I'm in excellent health at 67.  I want to fulfil a life goal of getting my private pilots license but am worried the stents I had put in 15 years ago might be a problem.  If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it.  I'm currently doing ground school but don't want to throw money at flight training if there is no chance of getting my medical.  I never had any issues after the stents were done and my regular physician says I'm solid as a rock.  Thank you in advance for any insight you might be able to shed.
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AOPA Staff Answer

It will depend on how you do on current testing. Stents require a special issuance and in order to be approved you'll have to provide documentation and testing. Here's the link to our subject report outlining the requirements: As long as your testing and reports are favorable and there are no other issues then the FAA should be able to issue your medical. 
Hey Mark,
As a recent recepient of a damn "special issuance denial" from the FAA I would suggest you make sure your AME is confident that you will pass the "special issuance" requirements before sending the paperwork to the FAA. Otherwise, don't risk a denial until your AME is confident of test results passing.  And be careful of the cost of the "required testing" costs.  I took a required "nuclear stress test" that would have cost $15,000 if I paid out of pocket.  I'm not going to go through the aggravation of an appeal. Good luck.
What most AMEs miss is that the FAA Cardiology section has an Anatomical standard in which no part of the heart can be behind a 70% lesion; 60% if it's the left main, (in addition to the Ef >40% limitation AND the nine minute stress Treadmill to >90% Vmax without >1MM ST depressions, which most know about).