Medicine of any issue
I am a student pilot have not gone for my class 3 medical certificate yet. Do you know any of these meds will be an issue 
Tamsulosin 0.4 mg
Losartan 100mg
Rosuvastatin 20mg 

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Losartan: I am satisfied with Randhir’s hypertension control and have no immediate plans to make changes, doc signature, date”

Tamsulosin..most AMEs make that declaration,
rosuvastatin...if you have a side effect you won’t still be on it. AME declaration!
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Tamsulosin - requires status report with no side effects.
Losartan - requires full hypertension work up.  See
Rosuvastatin - status report with no adverse side effects.

Talk this all over with the AME before you submit the application so the are no areas of confusion.