Blood clot in lower leg after surgery
I had reverse shoulder replacement surgery in July of 2020.   After surgery I had a blood clot in my lower right leg below the knee.   I took a blood thinner for 3 months (coumadin).   After the three months of medication, an follow up ultrasound showed the blood clot had healed and no further medication or follow up was necessary.

Will I be able to get my 3rd class medical renewed in August of 2021?   If not can a receive a Basic Medical

Gary V
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Thanks and that awful shoulder rehab is a life long adventure!  At this point I think Basic Med is the way to go.😁

That depends on the hematologist's assessment of protein C, protein S and Leiden factor V.  If there is no hypercoagulable state, and this is well documented by the Hematologist, and resolution of the clot is documented (You'll need a letter from him after May 2021 to be "August current"), I would fist have someone who has medical knowledge read the file carefully and send it in in early June.  You should if okay, receive an eligibility letter and then the AME can issue you in the office, in August.

And, of course you can do a Basic Med..

Congratulations on making it through that awful "shoulder rehab".
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Since the condition you describe isn't one of the conditions listed in 14 CFR 68.9 which require a Special Issuance before going on Basic Med, that is certainly an option.  However, I do not know if what you describe requires a SI for Third Class.  If it constitutes either a "Deep Venous Thrombosis" (DVT) or a Hypercoagulapathy (which I can spell but about which I know nothing more), it would -- the doctor who treated you should be able to answer that question.  However, you would do well to consult a SI expert AME like Dr. Bruce Chien for a truly reliable answer.  He usually stops by here to see if he can answer medical questions, but if you don't want to wait, contact him through his website

In addition, if this condition does require a SI for renewal of your Third Class, by 61.53(a)(1), you must self-ground until you get an SI.  I would advise not flying until you know for sure it does not.