3rd Class Special Issuance
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Good evening - I'm currently a Sport Pilot about to apply for a 3rd class medical (final objective is to fly under BasicMed).

Couple of things have me confused.
1) My condition requires me to 'provide all medical records as well as accident and incident records pertinent to my history'
My SI condition is under good control and has no history/ adverse issues, etc.  Do I need to get 30 years of medical records related to the condition I was diagnosed with as a child?  Or will the most recent Drs. visit with statement from the Dr. suffice?  Previous 5 years, etc....?

2) Since I am over 40, I will have to do a Stress test with ECG tracings, etc.   Do I do that PRIOR to the AME visit or do I do the stress test at the AME visit?  I was under the impression that the AME did the stress test, but wanted to be sure...

Thanks in advance - I really just don't want to mess this up because I missed something important...

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Robert, we need to know what your condition is.  Best to give us a call or chat us rather than disclosing your medical history here.  800 872 2672.  
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I can't answer #1, but on #2, you'll need all those tests before you go to the AME, who is highly unlikely to have stress test gear unless their regular practice involves doing that. And you will definitely want to review all the records and results with a Special Issuance expert like Dr. Bruce Chien, who hangs out here regularly, before you go on line and fill out the MexXpress application.  You want to be sure you'll be issued before you do the application, because denial will end your Sport Pilot flying as well as preventing moving to Basic Med later.  Bruce will probably drop by in the next day or two, so watch this space.