prescribed a banned medicine by PCP
I suffered from a week of headaches and was prescribed a generic version of Butalbital acetaminophen and caffeine back in 2017, I used it for a week not knowing it was banned by the FAA and my headaches went away, then I never used it again. My current first class medical expires in August 2021, and I am wondering if I need to disclose that I was prescribed this medicine as I am no longer taking it. Will I have to get a special issuance due to this?
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My previous medical was in 2016 so I did not disclose it on that medical exam as it had not happened yet. I was issued a first class medical in 2016 and it's valid for 5 years which is coming up in August 2021, now I am wondering if it needs to be disclosed on the future medical exam since I have not used that or refilled that prescription since 2017. Thanks for the advice, I now realize how careful I need to be with prescriptions. Do you think since it's on my prescription history i'll get flagged when I get my next medical done? The medicine itself was generic but contained "butalbital" which is not allowed about the FAA
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Did you disclose the doctor visit which led to this prescription on your previous medicals since 2017?  What did you write then?

In any event, I hope the next time a non-aviation health practitioner prescribes a medication, you'll check it out for aviation-related issues before you fill the prescription -- better yet, when that practitioner is discussing it with you.  Lots of on-line resources from FAA, AOPA, and others to get an immediate check on the FAA's position on that medication.  I know that when my PCP originally wanted me to take a particular high cholesterol med a couple of decades ago, we checked the FAA list and found that particular one was not FAA-approved, but found one on the list which was approved and the doctor said was equally good for my situation.