FAA send me certified mail and asking for additional medical forms for my 3rd class medical certificate...
I just get my 3rd class medical certificate last month, recently FAA send me a regular letter and a certified mail (with same content) and said I need to reply them in 60 days with attached medication status sheet completed by my physician, the letter looks very serious, it states that my medical certificate could be revoked and denied and will refer the case to "legal enforcement action". The letter is questioning me I having history of diabetes mellitus which I don't, and the form will need some lab works from my blood and signature from my treating doctor. 

I called the AME who issued me the certificate, he said FAA was wrong to ask me such information cause he already had CACI worksheet reviewed (because I was on one related prescription), he suggested me only response to FAA that since CACI forms were provided and they should not ask this. Apparently he also received letter from FAA question him on the certificate, I am a bit worry if his suggestion is align with my interests, so I wish to get some advice here.  

Your help is much appreciated. 


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First, they are deadly serious about getting a response from you within 60 days, so don't dilly-dally or they'll send a letter on Day 61 suspending your medical.

Second, it appears the CAMI folks don't agree with your AME about issuing under the CACI protocol, and that's why he got a letter, too. He should be on the phone to CAMI to find out exactly what the issue is so it can be resolved properly and in a timely manner.

Third, your best bet right now is to get the lab work done and submitted to the FAA before Day 60.  You might also want to consult a Special Issuance expert like Bruce Chien on what the underlying problem may be.
The FAA letters are definitely intimidating but not because the medical certification division folks are trying to.  FAA attorneys mandate certain information and a particular "tone" that isn't user friendly.  I would suggest you contact your regional FAA medical office by email and reference the PI number and provide the information to them after you hear back.  If you are indeed CACI qualified, the AME was correct in issuing your medical, but the FAA may have a different read on things.  Call or email your regional medical office and they should be able to help you sort out the situation.


Frequently, there is something in the submitted record that the FAA was not expecting.  This happens when, innocently,  something is in there which changes how the medical condition at hand is percieved.  This happens when the airman does not read and understand what is actually in the record. 

Little known rules- such as CACI retained renal stone,  has to be doen for at least 5 years before it is dropped. There are a whole host of these, of which th community AME may not be aware.  And so it goes.

Any certificate, issued by FAA or by an AME  is always subject to review. Detail matters.