Obstructive sleep apnea versus ADHD
Around age 39 or so a primary care doctor diagnosed me with ADHD after I complained about concentration issues working on a post grad degree.  After about 12 years of being on Adderall a sleep neurologist diagnosed me with obstructive sleep apnea and said I was misdiagnosed back when it was not well known that OSA produces concentration and other issues similar to ADHD. 

I thought PPL was never going to happen, but after being of meds for a half year I finished another post grad and actually did better off meds.  Does anyone know who or can suggest how to deal with the FAA for medical certificate?  Adhd is usually a death sentence but if one doctor screwed up, how do you fix it?
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Yes, there is a path for you, albeit a long and expensive one.  You need to talk to Dr. Bruce Chien, who is an AME specializing in difficult medical certifications.  Find him at http://www.aeromedicaldoc.com/.