Deferred Medical Timeframe
Answered By AOPA

What is the current timeframe, amid the chaos of the pandemic, should I expect to hear from the FAA on its determination of my deferred medical?

My Class 2 was deferred by my AME in April. I submitted what I hope was appropriate documentation back to the FAA on June 1st, with confirmed receipt on June 3rd. It’s been over 60 days now and I’m beginning to get concerned I haven’t heard anything.

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AOPA Staff Answer

Like Bruce said, it depends on what condition is in review. 2nd class medicals on average are reviewed within one to two months but it can take longer for certain health conditions.


Depends entirely on what sort of category of issue you are encountering.  Psychiatry review, for exam is about to 200 days.  Cardiological review, if your case is clear cut and you have everything you need can be as brief as 6 weeks….