BasicMed Physician availability

I believe everyone can agree that BasicMed is a tremendous success as more  pilots are using the alternative medical qualification every month.  One issue that continues to bug us though is the availability of physicians to perform the exams.  Our doctor locator search engine is designed for physicians to sign up as providers and we have quite a number listed by zip code throughout the country.  We are finding though, that for whatever reason, if a doctor is no longer doing BasicMed physicals, they aren't letting us know so we can remove them from the database.  We are working on a remedy for that, but in the meantime, if you had a BasicMed exam with a doctor who isn't in our database, you can do everyone a favor and provide your doctor with the link to the search engine and ask them to sign on at: 

And if your doctor is curious about doing the exams but doesn't have enough information to make the decision, you can share this link and scroll down to the BasicMed FAQs for Physicians.

We will keep working on the availability and accuracy of the doctor finder.

Fly safe!

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On a similar note, if you call a doctor whose name and number you found in the database search, but are told that doctor no longer does basic med physicals, please let AOPA know. That way, you can help AOPA keep the doctor finder database up to date, and help a fellow pilot avoid the same obstacle.