Misdiagnoses for BP

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Back in February of 2019 I was misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I went on defeated thinking that this wasnt the condition and I realized that after being on meds I was completely fine. After months of this, a new psychiatrist I decided to see decided to do a psych eval once again to determine what was wrong with me and it was determined that I do not have Bipolar Disorder and was infact just a bout of depression that I had at the time of the hospital admission. I have been off medication for a year and a bit now and have not been back ever since. How would I proceed with obtaining a medical given that the doctor has fully evaluated me and given me with a proper diagnosis?

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Unless that psychiatrist is an FAA-designated HIMS psychiatrist, his/her opinion is essentially worthless.  You need to stand by until Dr. Bruce Chien (www.aeromedicaldoc.com) stops by here with the correct way to proceed. Whatever you do, do NOT make ANY application or submission to the FAA until you have spoken with Bruce or another equally qualified HIMS AME (and there aren't many of those).

I consulted with Dr. Chien late last year for guidance on how to approach my medical history of having been on antidepressants for a number of years.  Dr. Chien was incredibly helpful and referred me to a HIMS AME to work with.  The HIMS AME gave me names of two FAA aware/approved psychiatrists to get an psychiatric evaluation done.  I had the psychiatric evaluation completed in mid-June and the report was finalized a couple of weeks ago.  Just this morning, I had my medical exam with the HIMS AME who will process my application to the FAA within a day or two.  I started this process in late January so it's taken several months, but I've done all that I can and now it's a matter of waiting on the FAA for a response.  My AME said it will take at least a couple of months before I should expect to receive a response from the FAA.  The psychiatric evaluation cost $2,400.  The medical exam by the HIMS AME cost $300.  My mindset throughout the process has been to be patient and stick with it.  Today, I'm a big step closer.  Good luck to you!

As emailed, the FAA minimums for reversal of such a diagnosis is TEN years, well documented of:

no med

no events

Successful life test as documented by multiple individuals who would clearly “be in the know”: supervisors, large clients etc.  I had one case in which the testimony came from a COUNTY SHERIFF  on  his letterhead.  Talk about in a “position to know”.

Then you get the HIMS evaluation at the end of the ten.  You probably should see a clinical psychologist yearly while waiting it out, just so it doesn't have the flavor of, “I dropped out of the world and reappeared after ten years”…..