Medical possible after pneumonectomy?


Does anyone know the FAA policy following a pneumonectomy?  Is it possible to to get a medical back?  Does that answer change for Class 1 medical?

thank you

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The FAA AME Guide says that a pneumonectomy requires deferral to HQ, not denial, so there is a chance.  But I can't find any guidance on how they make the decision.  I suspect a lot has to do with the reason for the lung removal.  From what I can find, it's typically because of lung cancer, in which case the cancer may be a bigger issue than the missing lung.  You need to speak with an expert on difficult certifications like AOPA's Medical Help Desk or a specialist in such matters like Dr. Bruce Chien, who often drops by here or can be reached directly via


Thank you.  I found some more info in the FAA Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners as well.  I am working with AMAS currently.  (Mine is not cancer related fortunately.)