BasicMed physicians

The success of BasicMed is diminished only by a lack of physicians around the country who will perform the exam for pilots.  If you know doctors who are  open to providing this service , please invite them to add their contact information to the Find A doctor database.  Any state licensed physician may do BasicMed exams and there are many areas of the country where we just don't have enough physicians without having to travel a considerable distance.  Complete information about BasicMed is available at 


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I simply asked my primary care physician to fill out the Basic Med form during an annual exam. I took a copy of the AOPA explanation for physicians with me, and pre-filled the form so all he had to do was check the items and sign it.

He remarked that it was similar to employment and athletic physicals (for school kids, I guess) that he would routinely complete for his patients.

The second time he performed the exam he noted there was a color blindness test - and his staff had to go online to find one. There was no notation in my records of color blindness (I get an complete annual eye exam at the same facility) so I assume he had previously relied on that.

Bottom line - can't think of any reason your physician would have a problem with it - especially of you take the AOAP explanation with you. If they do - might want to think of changing to a more patient-responsive physician. I've done that several times for various reasons - mostly their attitude and not listening (which is part of their diagnostic responsibilities, in my opinion.)