BasicMed and Cancer
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I think this was answered some time ago but the situation there was unclear to me with regards to prior medical certificate. So apologies, if asked and answered but here goes:

My BasicMed expired 4/21. In 2/21 I was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, had surgery to remove the tumor and underwent chemo through 10/21 and am now NED and in surveillance for the next 2 years. Since I was never denied a third-class certificate, did have an active BasicMed previously, if I understand the reg, my condition is NOT a disqualified and therefore I can renew my BasicMed and begin flying again.
Do I understand that correctly?



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Hi Patrick, As long as you meet the Basic Med requirements, see the attached , then the pilot is responsible to self-certify under Basic Med, keeping in mind FAR 61.53 “Prohibition on operations during medical deficiency” AOPABasicMed_Pilot_and_Physicians_Guide.pdf

If you meet all the criteria, then yes you qualify for Basic Med.

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Yes, you are eligible for Basic Med. Whether or not you can get it is up to physician performing the examination.

Thanks, Ronald, for the confirmation!


Thank you. That's how I interpreted it as well.