Advice for SSRI path 1

A quick breakdown of my history, I took 10mg of Lexapro from April 18-2021 for mild generalized anxiety. The start of 2021 I reduced to 5mg, by November 2.5mg and January of this year I was off totally. I've been off now for about 5 months and have an appointment scheduled with my local AME in June. I have gathered a letter from my treating physician stating my history and that I am now in great health. I have written a personal letter. Is there anything else I should have before going in? Has anyone gone through the SSRI path 1 before? 

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Many people have done it, pretty much all under the advice of an expert on the issue like Dr. Bruce Chien (  Or contact the AOPA Medical Help desk for advice.  You need your submission to be 100% approval ready, because otherwise the process bogs and your chances of approval sink.


I am doing the same thing, but with a different SSRI. I was off for over 90 days on the day of my medical (last Friday), and I'm waiting for my AME to transmit the exam. My primary car physician says I'm fine, as I went on it nearly 30 years ago and have not had an incident since. I hope this works for both of us.