Current Reports Within 90 Days for SSRI Initial Cert
Answered By AOPA

This might seem obvious but I just want to make sure... SSRI initial physician and psychiatrist reports are required to be current (within 90 days) when submitted to the FAA. Does that clock stop when FAA receives them? In other words, if the treatment reports are 60 days old when submitted to the FAA, then it takes FAA 200 days to review and decide, will they come back to the Airman and say hey, your treatment reports are no longer current?

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Hi Joe, generally they go off of the date that it was post marked to the FAA.  So, as long as you get it in the mail to the FAA before the deadline you should be good.  Obviously a little buffer wouldn't hurt.  I also always recommend shipping with some kind of tracking or delivery confirmation.

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