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I was recently told by an ultralight instructor that I don't need a medical to fly an ultralight. Is this true? I had some medical issues when I was younger, but because of those, I am on a medication that restricts me from receiving a medical. I was told by my doctor that I most likely will never get off those medications. I have thought about the BasicMed route, but I just am not sure if it will work out for me. 

Back to my original question: Do I need a medical to fly an ultralight?

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@Jack Whatley
To answer your ultralight question, you do not need a medical certificate or any other medical certification to fly an ultralight vehicle.  They are not considered to be aircraft by the regulations (Part 103).  Note that 103.15 & 103.17 limit where you can fly the ultralight.  For instance, if you lived in my area (NW Indiana), you could base it at the Griffith airport or the Lansing, IL airport, but you could only fly locally around the airport at which you were based.  The airports have some adjacent areas that are not congested, but you can't go very far in any direction without encountering congested areas.

Also, note that there are no 2 place ultralight vehicles.

Regarding Basic Med, if you have never had a medical, then you could not use Basic Med.  If you have had a medical within the prescribed period and wanted to operate under Basic Med, you would need to adhere to 61.53(b), which states that you cannot operate if you know of a medical condition that would make you unable to operate in a safe manner.  Look at the Do not Issue, Do not fly list at 

If you are taking one of the medications on the Do not issue list, that would make you unable to operate in a safe manner.

Looking at the Do not Fly list, you would likely run afoul of 91.17(a)(3).

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@Jack Whatley

The short answer to your question is, “No, you do not need any kind of medical qualification to fly an ultralight.”.   No medical certificate, no Basic Med, no pilot certificate, no drivers license, no age limits, no airworthiness certificate, no registration certificate, no certificate of any kind.  However, you would have to stay within the very restrictive construction and operating restrictions of Part 103 which you can read at the link below.