Basic Med Question

Hello:   After my primary care MD signs off on my basic med evaluation  (Form FAA-8700-2) do I just retain it or am I required to submit this to the FAA?     I am unclear of the process.   If I have to submit a copy where do I send it  and assume it has to be submitted immediately?   Thank you.   

Brian Ruede 

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@Brian Ruede
See 61.113(i)(3).

You need to keep the checklist and the certificate of course completion in your logbook.  Unless you are a Student pilot or Sport pilot (under some circumstances), you do not need to carry your logbook with you.

In the case of a ramp check, you would present your Driver's License to the Inspector.

Per 61.11, the FAA may request to see the documents, but you do not need to send copies to them, unless they make this request.