Heart By-pass Surgery

I am a private pilot that is currently flying under Basic Med. My doctor has recommended I have heart by-pass surgery for blocked arteries.  I have not had a heart attack nor do I have any additional problems.  They tried to Cath and Stent the blocked arteries but it was to severe so the only option is by-pass.  What will I need to do medical wise to continue to fly.  Note I own and exclusively fly an Experimental that is LSA qualified.

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@Scott Miller

Since your cardiovascular condition requires treatment, your Basic Med will become invalid until after the surgery you complete the Special Issuance process described in 68.9(b).  The fact that you haven't had a myocardial infarction doesn't change the situation – it's the requirement for treatment that triggers the situation.  You will not be able to exercise Private Pilot privileges until that SI is done.

However, if you have a valid US driver's license and are willing to limit yourself to Sport Pilot privileges in your LSA (Experimental has no bearing on this), you can go back to flying your plane within those limits (see 61.315(c) for details like no night flying, no flying on business, no charitable airlifts, etc) without further ado once you feel you are fit to fly again.


@Ronald Levy
Thank you for the quick response.