Special/Discretionary Issuance (Intensive Out-patiant Program)

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This is my first post so an introduction and an inquiry all in one. Aviation has been a life long passion, but has only recently been a true endeavor. I have spent right at a year in the medical certification process going at it blind. I found out about AOPA long after my deferral, but am now leaning on advice from my HIMS evaluator, and this community. In order for me to get a special issuance I will have to complete an intensive out patient program for substance dependency. On the surface this sounds like AA meetings, but I'm trying to find the most compliant for what the FAA is looking for. Seems like Bradford Health may be an option. I can elaborate on what events led me to get deferred if needed, but the focus of my question is what qualifies as an “Intensive Out-patient Program?” Attached below you will find the response and requirements from FAA Medical.





 I have also noticed a few topics on related issues. I would be glad to share my experience in this thread as well, but for the purpose of concision, I will save that for those who ask. 


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@Franky Galloway
One thing I can tell you is programs like AA are “support programs” for continuing post-treatment maintenance after completing that intensive outpatient program done under direct medical supervision.  Continuing participation in a support program may be a condition of continued certification, but the intensive outpatient program comes before Special Issuance.

Your best bet for complete and reliable information on the process in your case is an expert in such certifications like Dr. Bruce Chien.



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@Ronald Levy
AOPA's Medical Help desk may also have some insight on this.